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Shandong Zhaozong amusement park

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Shandong general customer information

[project background]: large scale amusement park projects have attracted many investors. From the analysis of current national conditions, amusement market and input-output ratio, the amusement park industry still has a rapid development momentum, especially the park form with perfect functions, different experience Interaction and adventure stimulation can attract tourists. Just like this, Mr. Zhao, a customer from Dongying, Shandong Province, found qiludi amusement park and hoped that we could help it complete the planning and design of the whole amusement park

[configuration equipment]: Disco turntable, flying chair, spinning horse, pirate ship, Ferris wheel, aerial bicycle, etc

[customer evaluation]: it took me almost half a year to complete the whole project from the idea of starting an amusement park. At the beginning, I was worried about every link, such as site selection, cooperation with manufacturers, planning and design, equipment installation and trial operation. Now, when I see the whole amusement Park on the right track, my heart is on the ground. Have to admit that professional things to the professional manufacturers to do, it will really save some effort, giant horse amusement is really good.

[scene pictures]:

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