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Shaanxi customer Wang Zong amusement park

Number of visits:8  Time:2020-06-30

[customer information]: Liaoning customer general manager Yue
Background: what are the main functions of amusement facilities? That is to give tourists a relaxing and leisure experience. According to the data given by the entertainment industry, the cross-border cooperation between the commercial plaza and the amusement projects has brought higher recognition to people. Only from the intuitive two aspects, integrated commercial projects can meet the needs of different levels of people, while the setting of entertainment projects can virtually extend people's travel time, and it has become the consensus of investors to create a win-win cooperation playground.
[configuration equipment]: 36 shaker flying chairs, automatic control aircraft, rail climbing vehicle and other equipment
[customer evaluation]: I'm really satisfied with the cooperation with Juma, because I want to catch up with the June 1 holiday, so I have very little time to choose manufacturers. After learning about Juma amusement on the Internet, I felt that their comprehensive strength was not bad. I went directly to their factory to visit and investigate. If I really choose a large manufacturer to cooperate, I can feel more at ease. From the selection of equipment types to the signing of contracts, the installation and debugging of equipment Let me promote the whole amusement project with ease of effort and effort.
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Customer information: Mr. Wang, Shaanxi customer

[project background]: Nowadays, cross-border cooperation between amusement facilities and scenic spots has become a trend. Adding amusement projects in scenic spots not only increases additional income, but also brings better experience for tourists, thus attracting a lot of popularity. In such an overall environment, Mr. Wang, the customer of Shaanxi Province, has found our giant horse amusement park. He hopes that we can recommend some amusement items suitable for setting up in the scenic spot

[configuration equipment]: luxury spinning horse, spinning space shuttle, star chariot, etc

[customer evaluation]: what I want to praise first is the service attitude of Juma amusement park. I am satisfied with Juma's service and staff from the preliminary consultation to planning, design, installation and commissioning. Because amusement projects are contracted in scenic spots, I am very careful in the choice of amusement facilities. After investigation and comparison, I choose spinning space shuttle, star chariot and other exciting and fun projects. Now I will look at the operation in the next few months.

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