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Jiangsu Xuzhou guozong children's

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Guo Xuzhou children's playground
[project background]: looking forward to the opening of the seven day National Day holiday. For most of us, we can take this opportunity to go out with our families. For Mr. Guo of Xuzhou, Jiangsu Province, this is the opening day of children's playground. In order to catch up with the National Day golden week, Mr. Guo found qiludi amusement park in late July and began to prepare. After nearly two months of intensive preparation, the whole park was in full swing for tourists during the national day.
[configuration equipment]: shaking head flying chair, pirate ship, pendulum, Ferris wheel, disco turntable, kart club and other equipment
[customer evaluation]: the market for children's amusement equipment has been very good in recent two years. After carefully investigating several local children's amusement parks, I decided to open a comprehensive playground. From the site selection, to the completion of the infrastructure, it took a little half a year. In terms of the selection of cooperative manufacturers, I like qiludi amusement, which has provided me with a lot of help in terms of the response speed of their manufacturers to the on-site investigation, because I need to start business on the 11th National Day, and they have specially arranged a number of technicians to install and debug. It's really good to choose Juma.
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