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Practical installation skills of new type automatic control aircraft amusement equipment

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The new type of automatic control aircraft for amusement equipment is very popular with tourists and occupies a considerable proportion in the field of amusement. The dazzling lights, dynamic sound effects and intense and exciting interactive playing methods provide tourists with an immersive experience. The following small series of automatic control aircraft products, for you to provide some practical installation methods and skills, I hope to help you.
As the saying goes, "if a worker wants to do a good job, he must first sharpen his tools". In order to successfully complete the installation project, he must first understand its whole structure. Generally speaking, the new amusement facilities of automatic control aircraft are no more than hydraulic and pneumatic. The mechanical part is composed of central chassis, lifting arm and oil and gas pressure system. The decorative part is generally made of FRP products, which is composed of chassis enclosure, central enclosure and rocket. The external equipment is console and air compressor. When installing this kind of automatic control aircraft equipment, the mechanical part should be installed first, then the decoration part, and then the electrical part.
When formally installing the new type of automatic control aircraft amusement equipment, first use forklift or crane to place the center chassis in a suitable position. If the site is not enough, you should find the center point before placing. Next, you can install the lifting arm and the pull rod arm. Here, we need to note that there are two types of bolts to be used in this link, and large bolts should be used first Fix each lifting arm in the center, and then lift it up to fix it with the air pressure or hydraulic cylinder with big bolts, and then install the pull rod arm in the same way; when installing the cabin, lift the cabin and connect the cabin with the lifting arm with the big bolt, do not put down the cabin, then connect the cabin and the rod arm with small bolts, and then lower the cabin at this time; The fourth step is to install the chassis enclosure, the center enclosure and the rocket of the decoration part. This step is relatively simple, and the installation sequence is generally rocket, center enclosure and chassis enclosure. The fifth step is to install and connect the electrical and oil-gas pressure lines. The line connecting the cabin through the lifting arm is the light of the lamp, which can be connected. The main part of the oil and gas pressure circuit has been installed in the central chassis for a long time, and only needs to be checked It is mainly connected with the wiring between the console and the central chassis, which is the circuit that provides power for the whole machine and is connected to the corresponding position of the conductive ring. If it is an air pressure automatic control aircraft, it is also necessary to connect the air circuit part of the air compressor, and connect the intake pipe to the corresponding part of the air tank of the central chassis.
At this time, the automatic control aircraft has basically been installed. Just like other equipment, connect the power supply to the corresponding wiring of the control cabinet, and then test the operation of the air compressor or hydraulic pump station, the operation of the console, and then the working condition of the lifting arm, and then the motor operation and light circuit. Then the whole machine was turned on and tested, and no noise was found. All was normal. The installation of the new amusement equipment of the automatic control aircraft was over

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